Race report: Don’t Get Lost Jungle Run Orienteering Race

“What happened to your legs?” This is a common question I get after orienteering events! Sunday’s Don’t Get Lost Jungle Run at Mount Nemo Scout Camp in Burlington was no exception.

This was also the site of the Spring ARK Fest, marking the end of the Adventure Running Kids session in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Niagara, so there were lots of people ready to have some fun in the woods!

The Jungle Run included 2 maps. You started with map 1, and 20 minutes into the 60 minute race you could pick up the optional map 2 with extra controls (of higher point value). In addition, there was a maze that you could find controls in, but only 4 people could be in the maze at a time. On map 1, there was an optional control called the “Killer K”. If you wanted to get this one, you had to do it first.  It was a 1000m marked route (with bright tape). We planned to focus on map 1 (starting with the Killer K), and go into the maze if we had time at the end. We mapped out our route with highlighter, and then I measured it with string to see how far we would be running, and whether it seemed doable. It did. We wanted to find as many controls as possible, going for higher point value controls when we could, and not going over the 60 minute time limit (or we would lose 10 points/minute over).

We eventually made our way over to the starting point, where the pre-race instructions were just beginning. Then just before we were to begin, there was a change to the starting location (due to Scouts Canada rules), so the Killer K was made shorter.

The race began and we followed a big crowd to the Killer K. At times going uphill we walked, as the path was narrow and the people in front of us were walking. From there we had no trouble finding our next few controls. It didn’t take us long to realize that we had underestimated our abilities, and the “we’ll go for those if we have time” controls were added to our planned route. We mostly ran on trails, but did do some bushwhacking and running through fields or on gravel roads. We only had difficulty finding one control, and only because it took longer to get there than we anticipated. In the end we found 16 of 19 controls on map 1, including the finish line control. We realized during the race that we could have gone for 2 black diamond controls that we had originally thought were too far out of the way. We could have found them instead of other lower point controls.


Photo courtesy of Don’t Get Lost.

Just before heading for the finish, we ran over to the maze to check it out. There was a line-up to get in, and with abut 7 minutes left in the race, we doubted that we would get our turn. I did get a turn – I was given a small map with controls marked on it (picture a 12 foot by 12 foot roped off area, with a maze inside). Controls were at certain points in the maze, and you had to find them in order: 1, 2, 3… up to 7. I went to where #1 was supposed to be, but found that the number on the control didn’t match. I went to another one and was very confused. None of the numbers seemed to match (confirmed by 2 other participants in the maze). Since there were only 3 minutes left and my partner wasn’t in the maze yet, I gave up! I handed my map back, and we ran to the finish line. Since there were 2 controls at the finish, we punched in at the exact same time, tying for 5th place out of 8 women in the open age category.

We ended up with 620 points in a time of 57:49, and had covered about 4.6 km.

After the race, we headed over to the Stoked Oats table, where Olympian Krista Duchene was manning the booth as one of the company’s ambassadors (the other ambassador was also a runner, Tyler Chacra). I chatted with both of them for a bit, sampled some oats, and took a bag home with me.

I had some gatorade, half a banana, and a few pretzel chips, then headed over to the Salomon Arc’teryx booth to check out the shoes and fill out a ballot for a draw.

What a fun morning!

Race results

Full results here.

  • Points earned: 620
  • Time: 57:49
  • Placing: 5/8 open women

And then, the day after race, I saw this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.49.28 AM


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