About Me


Hi! I’m Kyra. After watching my husband do triathlons for a few years, I finally decided to do one myself, but first, I had to learn how to swim properly, buy a road bike, and become a runner! I’ve been racing triathlons, 1/2 marathons, 30k running races and marathons since that first try a tri in 2010. I also love to camp, and in particular go on backcountry canoeing and backpacking trips. I love dehydrating for camping trips. I take pictures galore. I love to read. I’m a cat person. I love to bake. I enjoy crafts. In the fall of 2016 I discovered orienteering and adventure racing, and am now hooked! In October 2018 I started my end to end run of the Bruce Trail. I’m mom to 2. I work full time. I live in Ontario, Canada. I intend to share my racing, camping and other adventures on this blog!

You can contact me at kyraonthegoblog @ gmail.com (no spaces).

Follow me on Facebook at Kyra on the Go: Adventures of a Paddling Triathlete.

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