Backcountry Camping: Food, Planning and Skills

Backcountry Trip Planning

1. Trip planning: kayak tripping

2. Canoe tripping with kids

3. Backcountry packing lists

4. How to plan a route for a canoe trip

Backcountry Menu Planning

Read my tips on how to plan a menu for backcountry camping. Sample backcountry menus.

Backcountry Food Preparation

1. Homemade beef jerky – backpacking snack or expensive cat treat?

2. How to dehydrate eggs for the backcountry

3. Perfecting dehydrated chicken

4. Flatbread in the dehydrator: veggies, nuts, seeds and a bit of experimentation

5. Winter food preparation

6. Backcountry camping with food sensitivities or food allergies

7. Making your own yummy fruit leather

Backcountry Skills

1. How to easily hang a bear bag with 1 rope

2. Making a sled for backcountry camping (see review of the sled here)

3. Backcountry kitchen: how to make do with less

4. Making a simple, tin can stove for backcountry camping. And then field testing my tin can stove.

2 thoughts on “Backcountry Camping: Food, Planning and Skills

  1. My sister & I travel up from New York (Syracuse area) every Autumn to camp for a week. This will be our 7th year. We always grab a site, and we cram in as many day hikes as we can. We’ve talked about backpacking, and have even made a few equipment purchases, but we’re nowhere near ready yet. We’d start out small…just to see how we’d do.

    Any advice would be most welcome. We’re not triathletes by any stretch of the imagination. We just love Algonquin, and would be interested in exploring more of it…off the beaten path.


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