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Gear review: Drill Deck – Freestyle Swim Training & Drill Game for Triathlon

A planned short break from swimming after the 2016 triathlon season turned into a 4+ month break when I couldn’t get motivated to get back into the pool more than once or twice. It didn’t help that my local Y’s … Continue reading

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Field testing my homemade tin can stove: hot chocolate, anyone?

What better way to field test my homemade tin can stove than to make hot chocolate in the woods of Algonquin Park while on a 4-day snowshoe backcountry camping trip? This would be my first time trying out the stove, so … Continue reading

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Making a simple, tin can back-up stove for backcountry camping

Just for the fun of it, I decided to make a simple, tin can emergency back-up stove to take with me on my upcoming winter snowshoe backcountry camping trip at Algonquin Provincial Park. We’re planning to take 2 MSR Dragonfly … Continue reading

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My foray into orienteering and adventure racing

It didn’t take much to convince me to try orienteering and adventure racing: I was inspired by the enthusiasm of friends Kristi and Michael who recently spent the weekend at my house. They and their two boys Evan and Lukas are members … Continue reading

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Modifications to my sled for winter backcountry camping

It might have been 35+ degrees Celsius this week with the humidity making it feel much hotter, but I was thinking of winter camping and modifying my sled! Last winter I bought a Pelican sled and modified it for my … Continue reading

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How to easily hang a bear bag with one rope

After many backcountry trips in which I used 2 ropes, pulleys, carabiners, various knots and loops and way too much time finding the “perfect” tree (in the dark, in the rain, in the bugs), I discovered the “Reg technique” to … Continue reading

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Why every triathlete and runner should learn first aid

Have you ever been running in a race, only to have your thoughts interrupted by the laboured breathing of a competitor who sounded as if they were on their last legs?  Would you know what to do if they collapsed? If a … Continue reading

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