Trip Reports

Backpacking Trip Reports

April-May 2015: Killarney Provincial Park La Cloche Silhouette Trail – Epic Boot Fail, Stream Crossings and Animal Encounters

October 2015: Hiking Algonquin Provincial Park’s Highland Trail

February 2016: Snowshoeing Algonquin Provincial Park’s Highland Trail 

May 2016: 8-day, 90k hike along the full length of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail at Killarney Provincial Park

February 2017: Snowshoeing Algonquin Provincial Park’s Highland Trail

May 2017: Western Uplands Trail

May 2017: Point Grondine Park (1st solo trip)

September-October 2017: Hiking the full length of the Coastal Trail at Lake Superior Provincial Park

Canoe Camping Trip Reports

October 2013: Canoeing Killarney Provincial Park – Glowing Eyes in the Night and the “Amazing Race”

October 2014: Algonquin Provincial Park by Canoe – Smoke Lake to Big Porcupine Lake to Harness Lake to Little Island Lake

August 2015: Algonquin Provincial Park – Rain Lake – Girls Only Trip

August 2015: Algonquin Outfitters Guest Blog Post: Canoe Tripping with Kids

August 2016: Massassauga Provincial Park by canoe – a girls only adventure

September 2016: 1st ever mother-daughter canoe trip, Ralph Bice Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

October 2016: Fall Canoe Trip Along the Tim River to Rosebary Lake at Algonquin Provincial Park

July 2018: 5-day Canoe Trip at Algonquin Provincial Park from Magnetawan Lake access point to Misty Lake/White Trout/McIntosh/Daisy Lakes

September 2018: Killarney 6-day fall canoe trip from George Lake access point

Kayak Camping Trip Reports

September 2012: My very first backcountry kayak trip (at Algonquin Provincial Park)

Bikepacking Trip Reports

July 2012 and July 2013: Backcountry adventures by bicycle (bikepacking) with kids at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Car Camping Trip Reports

February 2015: 1st Time Winter Camping – Mew Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

February 2015: Winter Car Camping at Mew Lake: Algonquin Outfitters Guest Post

August 2015: Lake Superior Provincial Park

July 2017: Channelling my inner artist at Lake Superior Provincial Park

February 2018: 1st time staying in a yurt, at Algonquin Provincial Park

Non-camping Trip Reports

July 2014: Siccar Point, Berwickshire, Scotland

July 2014: Hiking Ben Lomond, Rowardennan, Scotland

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